Green-headed ant:

The Green head ant (also known as Green-headed ant, Green ant or Metallic pony ant), is found through Australia, particularly in the urban areas. It has a very painful sting and although the pain subsides after an hour or two, the sting can remain itch for days. Some people are allergic to Green-headed ant bites and can suffer an anaphylatic shock. In severe cases, if breathing difficulties occur, seek medical attention immediately. Green-headed ant nests on the backyard lawn can prevent safe use by children and pets.

Green ant treatment:

The technique for getting rid of green ants, depends on the size of the problem. Typically a Green-headed ant treatment will utilise a combination of granular ant bait to kill the nest and a soil spray to prevent them coming back.  The ant bait is applied to the effected area with a spreader, concentrating on nest areas. The ants quickly take the bait back to the nest, where is shared by all the colony members. Nest elimination is normally achieved in 1-2 weeks.

However, the baiting process only eliminates nest already in your lawn, it does not stop new nests taking up residence. Although this does not happen overnight, they will eventually start to set up new nests, often as they spread from neighbouring properties. As such with a baiting treatment Vanguard Pest Solution is only able to provide a 3 month warranty. To get lasting protection, a complete treatment of the effected area with a non-repellent spray or granular insecticides is also required.

Treatments are based on the size of the area to be treated.

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