Where is your ant problem?

Inside the house

Ants inside the house can be particularly annoying, as they often find their way into the food cupboards. Although they may produce obvious trails, they often disappear into a small hole in the wall and locating the nest can be very difficult. 

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Perimeter and pavers

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Ants outside the home are often ignored, until they start digging up soil between the pavers on paths and driveways or become an annoyance in the outdoor entertaining areas.

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In the lawn

Lawns are there to be enjoyed. Unfortunately some ants will ruin a lawn or indeed make it an unsafe place for children and pets to play. Funnel ants can ruin lawns, making them unsightly and uneven and Green-headed ants have a very painful bite, sometimes causing a severe allergic reaction.

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