Indoor ant treatments always begin with an inspection to identify the species and determine the scale of the problem and potential nest locations. Vanguard Pest Solutions uses the information from the inspection to determine the products that will be used in their two step treatment process: 

Step 1: Nest elimination treatment

Control of a black house ant infestation in a roof void by Vanguard Pest Solutions

Nest elimination almost always requires the use of ant baits. Baits are a mixture of food and a slow acting insecticide. By correctly identifying the ant species present and knowing their food preferences, Vanguard Pest Solutions will choose the most attractive bait for the job. This ensures the ants will quickly feed on the bait and take it back to the nest. As the insecticide is slow acting it does not kill the ants straight away (which is a good thing!). It allows the ants take the bait back to the nest, where it is fed to the queen and larvae ensuring complete colony control. (Without killing the queen, new eggs will be laid and eventually the ants will return). You should see a big drop in ant numbers within 24 hours and complete control within 1-3 days. (Large infestations may take longer).

Step 2: Ant prevention treatment

A second visit is required to confirm the nest has been destroyed (we want to make sure, so they don't return!) and to carry out a preventative ant treatment. The nest elimination treatment only takes care of the colony currently causing the problem, it does not stop ants from other nests finding their way into your home. So to access the Vanguard Pest Solution 6 month Ant Warranty, a internal / external treatment is required to prevent ant entry.

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