Consider these termite facts...

  • 80% of all homes are within 25m of a termite nest
  • 140,000 homes are attacked by termites each year
  • The damage cost to homes is nearly $1 billion
  • Average damage cost per home is up to $7,000
  • 1 in 5 homes will experience a termite problem within the first 5 years after construction
  • On average your home is 12 times more likely to suffer termite attack than be damaged by fire

…… and termite damage is not covered by most home insurance!!

There is plenty of information on the internet but much of the information is either biased (pushing particular termite products), incomplete or wrong.  It takes time to find all the relevant information and how do you, as a homeowner, know what to believe?  Now there is a DVD which has all the information you require, to put in place a termite management plan for your property.  "How to Protect Your Home from Termites" has been put together by Dr.Phil Ridley - "The Bug Doctor" with over 20 years pest control experience.

This essential homeowners guide will give you the knowledge to protect your most valuable asset from termites.     

  • Learn about termites and the signs of termite activity
  • Understand how homes are protected from termites
  • Great tips to make your home less attractive to termites
  • A guide to professional termite services: choosing a pest professional, the role of annual termite inspections and termite treatment options.

Play the trailer opposite to see a few snippets from the DVD

Take control and use this information to put in place a termite management plan for your home, to avoid the emotional and financial impact of a damaging termite attack.   

How can I get the DVD?

This essential homeowners DVD is available for only $9.95 - no more to pay! (includes GST, credit card fees and free delivery within Australia).

We will have an online store set up shortly, but if you want a copy now, please email me and I will send bank details to allow you to transfer money directly.

Delivery is normally within 7 days